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EFGEN is the Business Technology Partner and Sole Reseller in Ireland for Hydromx UK Ltd trading as PBA Energy Solutions, for the Promotion and Distribution of Hydromx Energy Saving Nanotechnology Heat Transfer Fluid.

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“EFGEN are the Contact Point in Ireland for the delivery of wholesale PV Solar Panels and the Latest LED Lighting products. We will also be delivering shortly our very own EFGEN Brand Bi-Facial Solar Panel Solution, giving added value and extra power in the same footprint.”

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EFGEN Solar Systems & Wind2Water

EFGEN Supply Solar Thermal Evacuated Tube Panels to the Trade. With the highest Zero loss n0 efficiency rating available at .789%

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Delivering More For Less

Bringing the revolution

We are the sole Irish reseller for Hydromx® – a revolutionary energy-saving product invented in Turkey and now commercially available in Ireland the UK and USA.

Water or Glycol is normally used in cooling and heating systems because it is cheap – but it is NOT the most efficient heat transfer fluid. It also attacks the heating system through corrosion and calcification, reducing efficiency and creating sludge and blockages. Hydromx transfers heat 37% better than water. Hydromx uses leading-edge nanotechnology in a specially formulated organic solution that is mixed 50:50 with water. This reduces energy costs by up to 35% .

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Making a difference

EFGEN focuses on reducing energy demand through energy efficiency solutions that are different. We supply unique solutions that are not available from anyone else, solutions that make a difference and complement the “standard” energy products on the market.

Energy efficient

Reduced energy consumption reduces the demand for energy, helping Ireland and the UK to be more energy “self sufficient” with safe, secure and future-proof supplies of energy, and to achieve its goal of greenhouse gas emission reductions by 2050.

Our Products


This product is a revolution in heating. Hydromx transfers heat more efficiently than water and reduces energy consumption by up to 35%

LED Lighting

The most efficient L.E.D. light is the one that is only on when you need it to be, at the right colour, place, time and brightness.
LED lighting is the future and it is here, now!


If you have a Commercial Solar Thermal Heating or Cooling Project that you are designing and would like us to help improve the efficiencies of the system we can accommodate.

EFGEN have for many years supplied Renewable Eco Friendly Products and Technical Expertise, for Business Partners, Including In-Store Energy Information Days.

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